XTRACTUS Natural Fiber Press

For Natural Fibers, Herbs, Seeds, and Similar Extracts

Dr Ernst Krueger founder of the company GermanTwinscrewS GmbH (GTS) is a well known name in the manufacture of “innovative” designed equipment. With over 25 years experience and knowledge GTS has delivered proven results.


As part of the extensive work with natural fibers, GTS has developed a machine for the continuous pressing by extrusion of liquids from natural fibers. The machine works with a forced counter-rotating system and is self-cleaning.

In contrast to other presses, XTRACTUS works with defined hole lengths and hole diameters (from 0.3 to 1.5 mm) in the press. The number of screen holes is between 500 and 10,000, depending on the size of the machine. The extrusion pressure of this continuous machine can be designed depending on customer request within the range of 100 to 500 bar.


Modus Operandi

By pressing with defined diameters of the screen holes, selected active ingredients of the plant material can be filtered out, while other substances are retained. The individual substances can be collected separately and fed directly into a closed system for cooling or storage. The system can be separately tempered with temperature control. It is possible to run it with less than 10°C or more than 100°C.

We offer 3 sizes of machines for the output range of 60, 200, and 450 kg/h. Significantly larger outputs can be offered on request.

Sizes of the Machine

(depending on product)

  • XTRACTUS X2 for up to 60 kg/h
  • XTRACTUS X4 for up to 200 kg/h
  • XTRACTUS X6 for up to 450 kg/h
hemp machine - XTRACTUS

XTRACTUS is revolutionary because of its:

  • High efficiency
  • Low running cost
  • Continuous process
  • Competitive price
  • Full automation
  • Simple process
  • Scalability
  • XTRACTUS is the only counter-rotator press and therefore the only system which can build up high pressure in short length.
  • The system is simple for disassembling screws and barrels and can be cleaned by pressurized air or water.
  • XTRACTUS has many different screw designs for a wide range of natural fibers or similar natural products and is self-feeding. It automatically intakes nearly all types of green, fresh hemp, or other natural fibers.
  • The system produces a dry pomace which can be cut into small pieces by a rotary knife.
  • XTRACTUS is capable of producing up to four liquid fractions in a stage and can be cooled or heated during processing.

XTRACTUS Machines are used for a variety of different natural fibers. For example, in extraction of hemp for medical applications, as well as the field of food supplements. Asides from natural fibers, extracts are also produced from a wide variety of fruits and herbs, which are used both in the food and cosmetic industry.

It is possible to set variable pressures during processing, combined with the option of using cooled or heated substances. This leads to virtually unlimited applications, especially for difficult cold-pressing processes.

All GTS developments are environmentally oriented to achieve a sustainable future for the next generation. GTS delivers machinery to more than 100 countries, and our service engineers feel at home globally.

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