GTS; German TwinscrewS:
Screws & Barrels for Extruders

The Heart of Plastics Processing

GTS (German TwinscrewS) has over 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing different type of Screws for a vast variety of products such as pipe, profile, sheet and pellets. During all these years we have delivered tens of thousands of screws for many different machines around the world; all types of single screws, conical twin screws, parallel twin screws, counter rotating twin screws and co-rotating twin screws. This allowed us to gather a “big bank of information” of different screw designs and help us to come up with the best designs for each application.

We feel responsible for the future of our environment and ultimately our planet, therefore we care for the energy consumption of your production line. We continuously optimize our design in order to reduce and optimize the energy consumption while guaranteeing the highest quality of your product with our high quality German standard equipment.

GTS delivers large single screws and almost any size of twin screws up to diameter of 500 mm.

We guarantee to deliver the optimum solution for your specific requirements. We rarely make copies but we usually deliver compatible solution with tailored design meeting customer’s specific requirements. This will insure the highest quality of the final product and optimized output of the machinery.

All screws are designed to reduce the maintenance requirement and ultimately to be maintenance free. This will translate to reduced production cost, reduction of down time due to maintenance and finally to increase the production and maximize the profit.

In addition to Screws and Barrels, we also offer some accessories for extrusion lines.

Our experience and knowledge is your guarantee to success in worldwide market.

We are not the biggest, but we are the best in twin screws.

Send us your inquiries or call us, and one of our experts will give you more information.

“We are not the biggest, but we are the Best in Twin Screws”.

Applications/ Final Product

There are a wide variety of products that one can produce with extrusion process.

Here is a the most common applications:

Compounding and Pelletizing
Rigid and Foam Sheet

The most common profile produced is the window profiles. 90% of profiles are made with dry blends worldwide and the rest use pellets. Some companies use both or even a mix.

GTS delivers all kind of parallel and conical screws and barrels compatible with any extrusion machine. We guarantee the homogeneous and constant melt flow resulting the highest surface quality and highest impact resistance.

In window profile business, the constant quality is the key factor. Quality factors such as color value, impact resistance, dimension tolerances and surface flatness and smoothness are among the most important factors. GTS screws guarantee the excellent processing of PVC formulation to achieve the highest quality.

GTS special surface coating of screws reduces the adhesion of melt at the screw surface. Our Screw design is made to avoid any hang-ups resulting a constant thermal and sheer memory for all PVC material.

The process quality of GTS screws empowers the machinery to use inexpensive formulation to achieve the high quality profiles.


There are many different formulations to produce different types of pipes. We consider the variety of formulations and the high percentage of fillers in our screw designs as well as any specific requirement of each client. All screw designs have a wide range of Processing zone in order to be able to accept varieties of raw materials and formulations.

We have delivered optimized design screws for any kind of pipe, from small flexible medical tubes to very large water or waste water pipes. Only the best design will be delivered to our customers. We guarantee the long lifetime, the best melt quality and the highest output with our screws and barrels.

GTS screw design ensures the most homogeneous melt with the minimum hang out which may cause the different gelation and sometime the burns.

We understand that in Pipe business the material cost is a driving factor. The best way to reduce the cost is to use high amount of fillers. We can support you with formulation and technologies to reduce your production costs of pipe extrusion.

As standard, our screws are delivered with a closed-loop, self optimized tempering system which is maintenance-free.

Screws and barrels are usually nitrated, but optional we offer screws PTA welded with Tungsten Carbide and bimetallic barrels. For very hard application GTS offers a complete coating of screws with Tungsten Carbide.

Compounding and Pelletizing

Pelletizing consist of a very wide range of different material and formulations. In the field of PVC compounding, one should be able to compound clear PVC as well as Cable or shoe formulation. GTS not only offers standard compounding screws but also can offer our special optimized universal compounding screw design which can handle a wide range of PVC compounds.

In the field of PVC pelletizing, GTS is one of the market leaders. Our compounds is widely used in many different applications such as Cable industry, PVC fittings, C-PVC compounding, recycling and etc.

GTS screw designs for pelletizing consist of special mixing Zone, closed-loop self-optimized temperature control and many other standard or optional features, which guarantee the consistent quality of compounds as well as highest out put.

The best advantage is that one can run the inexpensive formulation to have the high quality product.

Rigid and Foam Sheet

Sheet extruders are different from other applications. Only few experienced Screw and barrel manufacturers can make these extruders. We have over 20 years in delivering screws and barrels for sheet production industry.

Although the pre-heating of the rigid and foam sheets is pretty much similar but the temperature control, venting zone and pressure of melt are completely different. In foam sheet processing, it is very crucial to make sure the reaction of foaming do not start before venting. Also in metering zone, the rigid sheet requires a constant melt flow and pressure to have a smooth product surface while for foam sheet, only the best homogeneity can result the best cell structure.

All GTS screws have an active oil tempering. We deliver special sealed oil block system, which will be able to run many years of maintenance free and free of any leakage.


The founder of GTS, Dr Ernst Krueger has a long academic and experimental knowledge in plastic processing specially on PVC. He has many patents during last decades and he has documented all the experience to create a data bank that facilitates the screw design process.
In the last 25 years GTS have delivered screws and barrels to handle many different materials. Our main experience is but not limited to the followings:

Soft PVC
WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)
Non-PVC Applications

PVC is a very rigid material by itself and has the capability to be compounded with many different additives and fillers to achieve the vast variety of properties.

Having the deep knowledge about PVC enables GTS to design the best performing screws for many different applications.

The screw designs can differ by the end product characteristics and the in put material. What ever you want to produce, we can provide the best design and guarantee the best quality and highest out put.

GTS finds solutions for all requirements of PVC process technology.


GTS’ decades of experience of delivering the C-PVC processing screws brought a comprehensive knowledge to optimal screw design for pipes, profiles and sheets.

C-PVC screws not only require special screw geometry but also the materials of screws and barrel are as important. While previously screws were partially chromed but now a days are completely chromed. GTS has developed a special jacketing material that is proven in all field of C-PVC.

We offer the perfect design combined with the optimum wear protection.

While in the beginning GTS processing units have been manufactured with a closed-looped, self-optimizing and maintenance-free tempering system, today’s standard is an open oil-cooling of screws. Optionally, GTS delivers a maintenance-free oil-block. With this oil-block especially in C-PVC application the process range can be increased. The inner surface can purposefully be made shiny, while the outer surface is mat.

Soft PVC

Soft PVC is one of the most flexible plastics to use. This requires special material property as well as special processing techniques.

GTS delivers processing units for high performance pelletizing of soft PVC. Raw material is a dry blend that can be stabilized on different basis and sometimes with high fillers. We deliver a wide processing range screw design to ensure the higher performance than other lines in the market.

A wide processing range is essential to guarantee a wide range of material and formulation can be processed with the same screw design.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

GTS has delivered tens of lines of WPC to produce different sort of profiles or pellets.

We experienced a wide rage of wood/cellulose such as sawdust, rice husk or wood fibers such as leaves or straws and etc. and different plastic materials of PP, PE or PVC.

GTS offers standard design or special tailor made design for your specific requirements.

All our screws and barrels for WPC application comes with strong wear protection since most of the cellulosic materials are very corrosive. As an option we can provide special wear jacketing for screws and hardest wear protection for the barrel surface. However for most application, the nitrated screws and barrels are an economic solution.

Non-PVC Applications

GTS provides a wide range of single screw and twin-screw extruders. Therefore our machinery everyday is using a wide range of plastic.
Over the last 25 years, we witnessed the growth of use of counter rotating twin screws for many applications other than PVC. Now it is very common to use ABS or similar material on counter rotating twin screws. For very sophisticated material like poly carbonates or other expensive materials, we offer twin screws as well.

Not only thermoplastics, but also elastomer applications are using twin screws. We deliver twin screws for elastomer applications regularly.

There are many reasons why it is better to use counter rotating twin screws but here are the most important ones:

  • When you want to have a short residence time distribution
  • When you want to build up the high pressure in front of the screw
  • When you want to control the melt temperature

To achieve the above mentioned you could use twin screws despite the material you are using.

Our machinery is being used in many different industries other than plastics such as food industry, medical industry, Oil industry and petrochemical industry.


GTS also offers specialized accessories for extrusion lines:

Die face cutter for pelletizing
8to0 adaptor
PVC Screen Changer
Vacuum adaptor
Barrel heater for saving energy
Die face cutter for pelletizing

GTS manufactures and delivers complete pelletizing lines.

We can also offer the Die face cutter separately. GTS die face cutters are central injected and provided a very good melt distribution.

Special advantage of GTS die face cutter is the simple cleaning and robust application for the wide range of formulation.

Contact us for more information.

8to0 adaptor

8to0 adapter is a key element in manufacturing twin-screw extruders.

GTS offers 8to0 adapters for all extruder types to ensure the short residence time, flow optimized melt channel as well as cleaning and assembly requirements.

Instead of working with old or damaged 8to0 adapter, call us and ask for additional information.

PVC Screen Changer

GTS screen changer has been built and continuously developed in-house since 90s specially to filter PVC compounds. GTS screen changers are totally different than existing systems and according to our customers that is the only design which can satisfy the requirements.

Our screen changers can work up to more than 200 bar pressure without any leakage. It can be used for any kind of PVC such as clear PVC to rigid PVC.

The GTS screen changer changes the screen within 0.2 seconds and the changing doesn’t influence the compounding process. The cleaning is very simple to handle.

GTS screen changers are a complete unit for the extrusion line with a CE certificate and can be used for Pelletizing, Pipe and Profile lines.

Any non PVC material can use the same screen changer as well. It can be used for ABC, recycled polyolefins and etc.

Vacuum adaptor

Vacuum is important part of twin screw extrusions.

Our Vacuum system comes with a large glass cover to enable optical view to monitor the melt condition. The glass is a special heat-treated glass that allows a good view into the vacuum area. It is very simple to open and clean and it allows a very good vent sealing. The sealing is a simple rubber tube made by Viton.

All GTS Vacuum system comes with compatible adapter to any extrusion line.

We will design the Vacuum adapter tailored to your extruder.

Barrel heater for saving energy

In the extrusion process, barrel heaters bring a large portion of energy.
Most of the extruders don’t have proper insulation and the energy is wasted to warm up the production hall. Sometimes we notice that the heaters are too small for the production capacity and it causes a long waiting time to get the right temperature, or sometimes too high which leads in over-swinging and fluctuation of the actual temperature.

We calculate exactly how much energy is supposed to bring by the heaters to choose the heater size. All GTS heaters come with the ceramic system, which is double insulated from outside. The ceramic heaters are robust and have long life. The double insulation guarantees that only small percentage of the energy is lost and most of the energy is actually used for plasticizing. It is not only good for the process but also good for energy saving, therefor good for our environment.

GTS heater bands are designed for the right heat energy in the right place of the barrel. Only by the right design you can run stable and economical process. Cooling systems are as important in the process. The cooling-out of the ventilator system will flow the air through the channels around the barrel to get the uniform cooling all around the barrel surface. For different intensity of cooling, GTS provides different cooling channel systems, all built up by special coated aluminum profile systems.

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