GTS; German TwinscrewS:
Screws & Barrels for Extruders

The Heart of Plastics Processing

GTS (German TwinscrewS) has over 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing different type of Screws for a vast variety of products such as pipe, profile, sheet and pellets. During all these years we have delivered tens of thousands of screws for many different machines around the world; all types of single screws, conical twin screws, parallel twin screws, counter rotating twin screws and co-rotating twin screws. This allowed us to gather a “big bank of information” of different screw designs and help us to come up with the best designs for each application.

We feel responsible for the future of our environment and ultimately our planet, therefore we care for the energy consumption of your production line. We continuously optimize our design in order to reduce and optimize the energy consumption while guaranteeing the highest quality of your product with our high quality German standard equipment.

GTS delivers large single screws and almost any size of twin screws up to diameter of 500 mm.

We guarantee to deliver the optimum solution for your specific requirements. We rarely make copies but we usually deliver compatible solution with tailored design meeting customer’s specific requirements. This will insure the highest quality of the final product and optimized output of the machinery.

All screws are designed to reduce the maintenance requirement and ultimately to be maintenance free. This will translate to reduced production cost, reduction of down time due to maintenance and finally to increase the production and maximize the profit.

In addition to Screws and Barrels, we also offer some accessories for extrusion lines.

Our experience and knowledge is your guarantee to success in worldwide market.

We are not the biggest, but we are the best in twin screws.

Send us your inquiries or call us, and one of our experts will give you more information.

“We are not the biggest, but we are the Best in Twin Screws”.

Screws & Barrels

Applications/ Final Product

There are a wide variety of products that one can produce with extrusion process.

Here are the most common applications:


The founder of GTS, Dr Ernst Krueger has a long academic and experimental knowledge in plastic processing specially on PVC. He has many patents during last decades and he has documented all the experience to create a data bank that facilitates the screw design process.
In the last 25 years GTS have delivered screws and barrels to handle many different materials. Our main experience is but not limited to the followings:


GTS also offers specialized accessories for extrusion lines:

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