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Smart Thermal Batteries for Green Energy Management

PCM or Smart Thermal battery?

We live in a world of energy but capturing and storing energy is difficult. A Phase change material (PCM) is an ideal solution for use in any application where temperature regulation is needed, or where storage and release of thermal energy is desired.

A PCM acts like a Smart battery for heat energy because it absorbs heat energy as it melts and can be “recharged” by cooling, until it crystallises and gives the stored energy back to the environment.

In other words PCMs are latent heat storage units, substances that absorb the surplus heat during melting and release the stored thermal energy (heat) during freezing.

Our ProPCMs can store and release heat energy thousands of times without change in thermal properties.

That’s why we simply call ProPCM the Smart Thermal Battery!

How does a PCM function?

A PCM absorbs and releases thermal energy at a specific, defined temperature, regulating the surrounding environment.

Here is the cycle; let’s start from solid state of ProPCM:

How does a PCM function

Solid PCM: As the temperature of the surroundings starts to increase the PCM begins to melt.

Transit from Solid to Liquid: When melting, the PCM stores energy as latent heat until it is completely molten.

Liquid PCM: When surrounding temperatures begin to fall, the PCM starts to solidify and recrystallise.

Transit from Liquid to Solid: As the PCM begins to solidify, the stored latent heat is released until all stored energy is released.

-And with ProPCM, the cycle starts over and over, flawlessly!

Here is the simplest example of this mechanism anyone comes across daily: Ice to Water

How does a PCM functions

Applications of ProPCM

The beneficial properties of PCMs have their use in many ways. A PCM can absorb heat at a certain period, while it can release the heat at a later period or in a different location. PCM is one of the most effective components in offering insulation or thermal barriers. Have a look at some of the critical sectors where PCM has its application.


Temperature-controlled packaging is one of most important applications of our ProPCM: Food & healthcare supply chains, controlled room temperature, temperature-sensitive goods, and pharmaceutical transport


battery cooling, industrial power systems and consumer electronics widely utilise PCMs

Energy Storage

Hot water systems, heating systems, waste heat recovery, cold storage and space cooling are some of the usages of PCMs in this sector


Thermal management in traction batteries & power electronics, cabin heating and cooling, waste heat recovery for quick warm-up are some of the automotive applications


Healthcare, clothing, uniformed services, bedding, sports and leisure are amongst the most popular usages of PCMs

Building and Construction

Building materials, telecoms, passive and active cooling systems are some of the essential applications of PCMs

ProPCM Advantages

  • Saves energy
  • Keeps the temperature change under control
  • Evens temperature fluctuations
  • Provides predictable and large thermal energy storage
  • Economical & environmentally friendly
  • Provides specific secure solutions for different application areas

ProPCM Solutions:
Cold or Warm

How does a PCM function

ProPCM Cold & Warm Series


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