Curran® Granules

The Bio-based Solution for Improved Waterborne Coatings

What is Curran®?

CelluComp’s Curran® performance additive, a material produced by extraction of Micro Fibrillated Cellulose based on a novel fibre technology from root vegetables e.g. sugar beet and potato, provides a unique set of properties for waterborne coatings. High technical performance combined with the renewable nature of Curran®, helps solve many of the challenges faced by the paints & coatings industry today.

Curran® is a versatile and effective performance additive that can provide a range of benefits to formulae. It has been shown to impart its unique drying behaviour and pigment organisation at low loading levels and key benefits such as mud crack resistance, open time, wet scrub resistance and opacity boost can be observed in both high and low PVC formulae. Curran® also retains stability in a wide range of pH levels to make formulating easier.

Curran® is supplied in the form of grey granules composed of 20% active matter and water, with a pH of 4.5 to 7.

benefits of Curran

What are the benefits of Curran®?

  • Reduction of solvents resulting in reduced odour and VOC whilst maintaining existing mechanical properties
  • Up to 200% improvement of mud crack resistance
  • Up to 50% improvement of micro cracking
  • Improved opacity resulting in up to 6% reduction in Titanium Dioxide

Where to use?

  • Interior and exterior architectural paints
  • Industrial coatings
  • Plaster-type materials, including stucco
where to use curran
Curran root vegetables concrete

Why Curran®?

The platelet structure of Curran® provides a direct reinforcing effect but also interacts with a variety of other components to produce a wide range of effects and benefits.

As a sustainable and Green alternative, Curran® is manufactured from waste streams produced by the food processing industry. Only materials that are otherwise discarded by the food industry are used, so does not compete with food crops. CelluComp is working with major players in the food processing industry to optimize use of vegetable waste.

Compared to other materials used as additives, Curran® has a low carbon footprint as a result of low energy consumption during production.

Who is CelluComp?

CelluComp is a dynamic material science company based in Scotland that develops high performance products based on sustainable resources. CelluComp believes in the possibilities offered by materials produced from non-hydrocarbon feed-stocks. Several years of R&D has led to the development of a range of high performance additives suitable for use in a variety of markets.
CelluComp’s vision is to promote ‘Material Change for Good’ and their principle activity is the development and commercialization of Curran.

Greener Planet

We have invented Revolutionary Technology to Produce High-Performing materials from Natural Resources.