Providing Innovative Environment friendly solutions to improve the overall performance AND reduce carbon footprint of polymer industries.

UniSol Polymer Solutions

Welcome to UniSol

UniSol is a dynamic thinking team of professionals commissioned to provide green solutions by offering products and services in the field of specialty polymers technical marketing and innovative value-added manufacturing knowhow.

We are an innovative company striving to offer unique solutions to challenge and overcome current struggles in managing the environmental impact of polymers and chemicals, without compensating the performance, yet boosting the industry norms. At Unisol we firmly believe in disruptive innovation and focus on delivering profitable business models for all stakeholders across the supply chain, emphasizing on the use of renewable resources to present top-level products and services.

Being a forward looking solution provider and progressive distributor, UniSol delivers industry-specific solutions for clients from diverse sectors.

Our team members are experienced professionals backed with practical knowledge and expertise precisely educated and trained in polymer engineering.

Welcome to UniSol
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Bio-Based and Nature-inspired Solutions to Protect Environment from Industrial Hazards

We believe in the innovation and use of renewable resources for any new development in the polymer industry. Experts in the polymer science and technology, we clearly and deeply understand your needs. We are ready to work with you and help you to fulfil your various business requirements with our due diligence.
We have a group of accomplished specialists who use their expertise to deliver specialized solutions. Our team of experts contributes a lot to the process of value-addition. Our comprehensive polymer solutions is best suited for customers who want to extract the full potential of polymeric materials to ensure profit and growth, while maintaining sustainability.

XTRACTUS Natural Fiber Press

For Natural Fibers, Herbs, Seeds, and Similar Extracts

As part of the extensive work with natural fibers, GTS has developed a machine for the continuous pressing by extrusion of liquids from natural fibers. The machine works with a forced counter-rotating system and is self-cleaning.

In contrast to other presses, XTRACTUS works with defined hole lengths and hole diameters (from 0.3 to 1.5 mm) in the press. The number of screen holes is between 500 and 10,000, depending on the size of the machine. The extrusion pressure of this continuous machine can be designed depending on customer request within the range of 100 to 500 bar.

hemp machine - XTRACTUS

Premier Polymer Solutions

Our Products

Bio Polyol

POLYLABS, Latvia, offers Biopolyols from renewable resources for polyurethane rigid foam manufacturing. These polyols are made from Rapeseed (Canola) or Tall oil, with high bio carbon content of 70-80%, 100% primary hydroxyl content, closed cell structure and auto catalytic activity. They can contribute to up to 50% savings in catalyst usage in spray systems. Synthesized from renewable resources, they have stable competitive price vs. their petrochemical countertypes, CO2 negative, producing no by-products or harmful emissions during manufacture.
Polylabs biopolyols could be used in following applications: Rigid polyurethane foams for thermal insulation, Spray foams, and PU System Houses. Read More


Graphene, the first two-dimensional material ever explored and yet commercialized, should be nicknamed wonder material: Stronger and harder than steel, the highest thermal and electrical conductor, fully inert and biocompatible as being composed of 100% carbon, non-polluting, impermeable to any gas and liquid, it is a multi-functional additive. Our Graphene made by Graphene Production, France, can be used as lubricant, electromagnetic and UV protecting, anti-corrosive agent. With antibacterial and hydrophobic properties, it is transparent, extremely flexible and lightweight.
Graphene is a high performance additive for coatings, construction, composites, plastics and rubber processing, lubricant, energy storage and electronic industries. Read More


Curran®, a multi-purpose performance additive manufactured by CelluComp, Scotland, is made from Micro-Fibrillated Cellulose from root crops e.g. sugar beet and potato. It’s a nano-fiber extracted from waste stream of food industry, thus from renewable resources.
This revolutionary solution could be employed in paints and coatings, concrete, drilling fluids, food, cosmetics, personal and home care products.
For the coating applications Curran® simultaneously reduces mud and micro cracking, dirt pick-up, as well as coalescent need. It is also increasing the open time and opacity, therefore allowing up to 6% decrease in TiO2 and/or Opacifying agents, thus reducing overall costs of the formulation.
Curran® does not compete with food crops as it’s manufactured from waste streams discarded by the food processing industry. It has a low carbon foot print as a result of low energy consumption during production. Read More

PCM (Phase Change Material)

ProPCM Phase Change Materials made by Tila, Turkey, are simply Smart Thermal Batteries. PCMs are literally latent heat storage units, Substances that absorb and release thermal energy (heat) during melting and Freezing. They absorb the surplus heat during melting and release the stored heat during Freezing, for thousands of times without change in thermal properties. PCMs act like a battery for heat energy because they absorb heat energy as they melt and can be “recharged” by cooling them until they crystallise and give the stored energy back the environment. ProPCM Saves energy, keeps the temperature change under control, evens temperature fluctuations, provides predictable and large thermal energy storage, is economical & environmentally friendly and provides specific secure solutions for different application areas: Temperature controlled packaging, storage and refrigeration Industries, can all benefit from the advantages of ProPCM. Read More

Our Services

Chemical Recycling of PU/PET

H&S, our one-of-its-kind premium German Technology vendor offers Chemical Recycling know-how and equipment for PU foam waste and PET scraps. The reaction product is a high-quality recovered polyol or polyester polyol to manufacture soft and rigid PU foams, even outperforming the virgin chemical in many aspects.
In comparison to alternative recycling methods, polyols generated by our technology have good reactivity and do not contain primary aromatic amines, which are hazardous and not acceptable especially in bedding and upholstery foams.
Our comprehensive solution truly brings to realization the closed loop economy for plastic applications by significant reduction in the raw material costs and facilitating the sustainable and environment-friendly use of natural resources. Chemical Recycling is one of the best ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Read More

Screws & Barrels

GTS, Germany, designs and manufactures Screws & Barrels for the plastic extrusion lines for the food, chemical and medical industries made by the highest quality standards of German technology and tailored for full compatibility with any extruding line.

Areas of expertise at GTS are Profile, PVC, Pipe, rigid and foam sheet, wear exclusive and pelletizing; specifically for counter rotating twin screws & large single screws. Innovative and specific design for rough circumstances, easy maintenance, and lowest energy consumption, are key characteristics of GTS products and services.

GTS also offers installation, engineering, consultancy and training services to the top-level sector of the related industries. Read More

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